Citizens' convergence for energy transition
On the initiative of action groups opposing shale gas

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Saturday 10 September 2011, by Gilles Quiniou

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Preliminary Remarks

Our Citizens Convergence for an Energy Transition is the result of an awareness that emerged from the mobilization against the extraction of shale gas and oilWe worked on this declaration on the 26th, 27th and 28th of August and validated it in a plenary assembly on 28th August.

To secure the future for the coming generations, our Convergence declares it necessary :

  • that citizens take decisions concerning them back into their own hands ;
  • that we refuse to treat Nature and natural ressources as a merchandise, and above all, that we denounce the pitfalls of ’green capitalism’ ;
  • that we define the Earth, water, air, energy and living organisms as inanienable common goods accessible to all.

Challenging the dominant economic and productivist system, the Convergence has set itself the following agenda.

1. To establish citizens’ control of political authorities subject to multinationals’ interests, which means setting up :

  • Direct democracy, through areas in which citizens can exchange information, confrontations and decisions ;
  • A citizens’ assessment assembly which is clear in its aims and all-inclusive and which excludes any conflict of interests ;
  • The separation of financial power and the media ;
  • Working towards convergence as regards matters concerning society, with the social movement and its organizations.

2. To commit ourselves to an energy transition in the immediate future implies :

  • Sufficiently drastic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions so as to meet the requirements stipulated in the Cochabamba Peoples’ Agreement, adopted by the Lezan Convergence and in appendice to the present declaration* ;
  • Finding a way out of our excessive consuption which is costing the poor more than it’s costing the rich ;
  • Aiming for moderation and efficiency in our energy ;
  • Ceasing the race for fossil fuels ;
  • Abandoning all experimentation, exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the parent rock and offshore ;
  • And end to civil and military nuclear power ;
  • Ceasing the production and industrial use of biofuels ;
  • Prioritizing public financing of research and citizens’ experimentation of renewable energies ;
  • Freeing the patents held in captivity by multinationals ;
  • Organizing the relocation of the means of production and distribution of energy, by public authorities and local councils taking these matters into their own hands, with all citizens systematically having their say ;
  • Reorientating public policy concerning sectors that consume a large amount of energy, such as intensive farming, transport, housing and town planning, industry and supermarket chains ;
  • Demanding that the industries concerned be reconverted, taking into account both those who work in them and those who use them.

3. To organize the convergence of different struggles, starting from now, means we must :

  • Link together, in a clear network, mobilizations and actions against shale gas and oil, GMO’s, nuclear fuel, incinerators, biofuels and all social and environmental actions ;
  • By associating environmental and social stuggles, converge all actions, mobilizations, alternatives and experiments ;
  • Work towards a new vision of civilization, vital due to climate challenges, the exhaustion of natural ressources and generally the chaos into which capitalism is leading us all ;
  • Renew regularly the Citizens’ Convergence started at Lezan, by linking up with local and global mobilizations ;
  • Include our actions in the international calendar against the G20, from 1st - 4th November 2011, at the UN Climate Summit in Durban in early December 2011, at the World Alternative Water Forum from 10th - 18th March 2012, at the Rio Summit + 20 in early June 2012.

The Citizens’ Convergence for Energy Transition joins forces with the petition proposed by ’Los Indignados’ adressed to the European Commission, for an end to nuclear power, against the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the parent rock, against the culture and commercialization of GMO’s, and in favour of an audit of the debts of European states.